Notes from a meditation recommended by church

This post is because I just would like to get a post out, and I thought that this was a good thing.  My blog is just for sharing thoughts and hopefully getting actual feedback (not just spam).

This was the prompt

  1. Take a walk or go outside pray through the apostle’s creed.
  2. Read Hebrews 11:3
  3. Observe: Identify  three things in nature that inspire or make you aware of God the Creator
    1. plants are fed by sun, air and soil amazing that God developed solar power for living things and amazing that he made
    2. A sun in space and inconceivable distance away that burns so brightly that we all live from its energy.
    3. God made living things in such a way that they can reproduce themselves and not only continue life but also develop more and differently than in the first place.
  4. Journal/Meditate: What do these things tell you about who God is?  What do they tell you about who you are in relationship to God?  Do you spend enough time looking for God in the world? Why or why not?
    1. Plants show that God is able to design great engineering that not only sustain but also propagate
    2. God provides what is needed in ways we don’t always recognize and he is very powerful
    3. Community is important:  plants may not require other plants to propagate but God designed us promote our species to depend on others to reproduce.  This reinforces the idea that it is not good for man to be alone.

So what this tells me about who I am in relationship to God: I am provided for many plants make food for me – I am not as smart as God, but he does provide us brains to learn how to make progressively more use of all he has provided.

He wants us to work together so much that he built family units into the design as a natural car grouping -> He made caring for others biologically rewarding

I could stand to take more time to recognize God’s hand working. I might be able to connect with him if I would seek him more.

*This is not a comprehensive discussion of what could come from that so I would love to hear other peoples thoughts, too.  I am not going to edit this before I post it, but I may go back reread it and fix it later if there are glaring grammar grievances