Livening liturgy vs hollow holidays

Ash wednesday was a couple weeks before I started this post. That means lent is in full force. It feels like the New Year Holiday to me. I mean the part about making an empty promise and breaking it. And besides that, a long period of abstinence seems silly when it is preceded by a Fat Tuesday where, in our culture, people feel like they have to repent all the way to Easter for their Mardi Gras indiscretions.

The sermon bringing in the season at Harmony was helpful for me. The big point I took from it was that the tradition works when the fasting is a springboard for reflection.  So the key is deciding to engage with the tradition, rather than just slide through, if I want to connect with God and be able to more properly align with him.

I am not fasting from food. But I do need the time to reflect. I won’t bore you with the details of my fast because it is would seem silly and still I am not doing that well. Actually that is the reason I am writing this post.

I have a problem and I can’t tell which side it is on (but it’s probably the inside).  I came into Lent looking forward to deep introspection and growth.  What I saw when I looked in was ugly: I still crave the opportunity to sin.

I guess that’s the deal. Lent isn’t about me. It is about Him. Maybe I should be contemplating the One this time celebrates rather than just introspecting. Hopefully that will provide the strength to make it through the rest of Lent.