Why Chipped Dish?

For the first post, why not a post about what this name came from.  Joy and I have always talked about a coffee shop and I have subtitled it the “Chipped Dish Café.”  When I recently was thinking about what name I would use for the domain and blog I liked the idea of a chipped dish.  You may have heard the quote/book title that “God Uses Cracked Pots.”  Well there’s no reason he couldn’t use a chipped dish.

I want to be able to explore the brokenness and find the beauty.  I hope to explore good, bad, ugly and what they say about what is and what should be.  At all times I hope to be a pointer to Jesus as the hope.  As noted in the name of the blog and this first post. I may be a flawed pointer, but hopefully this is not a distraction from the truth that no matter how chipped and cracked I may be Jesus will make me whole.